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Sufi Synergy Healing

Sufi Synergy Healing Course - Uns means-'Spiritual Love'
and its through Spiritual Love we are helping to heal broken souls and hearts

Do you need Spiritual Healing, Support, Mentoring,Therapy or Guidance?

If you suffer from any pain physical or emotional issues and need help
or need Spiritual Healing, Support, Mentoring,Therapy or Guidance?

Sufi Synergy Healing - Sufi Healing Course
Inshallah this is based on a course which will be taught soon you may email for enrolment.

An overview draft 1: This is just the contexts section text to be added over time.

Spiritual Power of Niyyah-Intention and Healing
1.The Flower shop therapy
2. The Nurturing therapy

3. The Breathing therapy
4. The Subha - Companionship therapy
5. The de-traumatising therapy
6. The Earthing therapy
7. The why God doesn't love me therapy

8. The Five Fs therapy  - Fight, Flight, Freeze, Friend, Flop
9. The Colour therapy
10. The Music therapy
11. The Hippy Herb therapy healing

12. The Sunnah food diet therapy healing
13 - The exercise and play and fun therapy

14. Muhasibah - Sufic Self Auditing

1.The Flower shop therapy

- Understanding therapy healing through Roses
- Oil therapy

2. The Nurturing therapy

- growing a plant tomatoes/ cress - mothering skills

- Breathing Exercise - Hakim Archuletta- Exercise: Recovering Sensation - Hakim Archuletta

- dhikr is breathing

4. The Suhba - Companionship therapy

Suhba-Companionship healing therapy is sunnah

5. The de-traumatising therapy
- Learning how to release trap pain
- My toxic parents are to blame
- releasing pain in a wave through Archery
- Releasing pain through the blessings of Horses healing and Allah's Mercy video
Marriage: The marriage magpie effect - magpies only ever marry once
6. The Earthing therapy
- Know there is Rahman-Mercy on the Earth.

7. The why God doesn't love me therapy - (***Dua Therapy ***)

How Do I Know If I Am Being Tested or Punished? By: Yasmin Mogahed
Overcoming Sadness & Depression By: Yasmin Mogahed
Why Am I Empty? By: Yasmin Mogahed
Sadness & Attachment, What is Pain? By: Yasmin Mogahed
Why Cant I Get What I Want - By: Yasmin Mogahed 
Coping With Loss By: Yasmin Mogahed 
And many Marriage link talks  By: Yasmin Mogahed
  - from my Sufiport forum
Why me, what have i do ?
Learning the correct Attitude / Aqeeda
How to repair a Broken Heart?

Comfort in a time of distress sadness, loss Depression

- Everyday 70 problems come our way and Sadaqah is a shield of protection

- Sunnah Dua-Supplication for Difficulties, Distress, stressful trials

- Shifa-Healing Duas -Cancer and other Sicknesses

- Dua-Turning misfortunes into blessings

- Secrets of Allah's Mercy in forgiving sins though Sickness and Hardship

8. The Five Fs therapy

- Psychological Trauma –Five Fs - Fight, flight, freeze, friend and flop in Trauma
- The best Success is based on the best failure;
Learn from failure and close the doors - build on the foundation of failure for once to its tricks you would fall into its traps.

9. The Colour therapy Sunnah of Green the calming energy for the soul
Healing with Colours part 1

10. The Music therapy
- Sama’a / Qasaid Spiritual Therapy
- Classical and Song Therapy
- Nature's songs Therapy
- Singing my blues away Therapy
- Poem healing Therapy

- Music Therapy Healing-(through Hadra) and Rose Healing power

11. The Hippy Herb therapy healing

Sciatica pain, inflammation pain & general nerve pain such as Migraine or body nerve pains

Depression and herbs to help create the space and ease of mind

Shifa-Healing Cancer and other sicknesses Onions and Cancer and Protection from Cancer Green tea extract with Quercetin kills cancer tumor cells Quercetin boosts green tea antioxidant capacity two to fourfold to fight cancer development

Preventing Migraine Headaches with herbal cure

12. The Sunnah food and Natural food therapy healing
- Honey, Vinegar, Ginger, Dates , barley

Amazing hadith and facts about Honey

Secrets and Blessings of Sunnah Foods

The Blessings of Vinegar

Dont drink from vessels not covered over night as a sicknesses descends Taken from 'The Book of Assistance' chapter 14 'On following the Sunna' by great Qutb Imam Haddad.

The Prophet's (peace be upon him) Favorite Foods - Hakim Archuletta Peaches, Dates, Watermelons: Great Natural Remedies! - Hakim Archuletta

13 - The exercise and play and fun therapy

- Learning to Smile its sunnah,
- walking, sports, trips

14. Muhasibah - Sufic Self Auditing
-  Muhasibah - Sufic Self Auditing Diagram below

The above Diagram has notes see below for the pdf notes, its based on the "The Sufi Science of Self-realization"- A Guide to the Seventeen Ruinous Traits book by Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani. And also drawns from the works of  Imam Haddad's Sufi books. If you interested in purchasing the book click here -The Sufi Science of Self-realization book

Anger –Ghadab, Worst of the Seventeen traits,The Sufi Science of Self-realization Mind Mapping diagram-pdf 

Notes 'The Sufi Science of Self-realization'-A Guide to the Seventeen Ruinous Traits- pdf

Extra note about the School of Imam Muhasibi and link to Shadhili-Darqawi
- Learning ones faults and addressing them
- Tempering the sword - how to make oneself

- Clash of Titans - fighting the giant Nafs-(ego)

- Learning the tricks of the evil Enemies of the Titan Egos

- Learning how to build your own strength through Sabr- Patients
- Learning how to build your own super powers through Dhikr/Adaab
- The golden rule of Adaab, it only unlocks when others are rude....

 -The 3 gha.=
Ghadab - Anger - Ghill-Holding Grudges, Ghibah - Backbiting.

- Anger

A moments madness is all it takes to destroy what we love most and what we hate most, thus the biggest evil within us is ghadab -Anger, its 1 of 3 tools of shaaytan that he uses to destroy insan-Man yet its the simplest in is magic bag of tricks. And easiest to use its a poison once entered into the bloodstream you become like a raging bull and its known that 'Aql-Intellect is decreased that the ability to think is loss until you calm down, but alas the damage is done. So Let's learn how to repair the damage and learn how to control such situations especially amongst friends and fuqara as such behaviour is a loss of Honour and Thawab-rewards. Its a test you wish you never fall in, a trap which you wish you can see the signs from, but if you are caught know shaaytan has really done his damage the only way out is LOVE and show such Love shaaytan ends up angry himself.

Turning Anger into Action by Hakim Archuletta- Video

- Why is there so much Envy:
The Evil eye effect in our people - how it blocks and breaks success
- Anger: The kettle effect - boiling it all up

- Ghill -Holding Grudges-
Ghill-Holding Grudges is a Sickness for he soul it stops all spiritual progress

- Backbiting..

There is too much misunderstanding of the real Beauty, Love and Tolerance in Islam. Today generally there is too much Hatred within Muslims towards each Muslims, as well as to everyone else which has been Fueled by lack of ‘adaab- Good Manners and Ignorance via the media.

Anger gives non-rational thinking and makes you drunk with rage- thus in a moment of heat (Anger=Heat of Hell) people say things they don't really mean, thus stupid behaviour, and even remarks of Kufr. Also see and read this  Article Anger Management.
Giving Sadaqah will help with Duas being answered, Sins be erased and sicknesses are sometimes due to sins; Showing gratitude is sunnah and Allah loves those slaves who shows gratitude; gratitude earns more (ziyada) favours from Allah, Allah promises increased favours for those who are grateful and (hates misers see hadith below) "And when your Lord proclaimed: "If you are thankful, I will give you more"(14:7) and "We shall reward those who are thankful" (3:45)  Allah informs us that one of Satans primary objectives is to prevent humans from being grateful. So show you  support be Thankful for these Duas and Khidma and take more rewards from Allah by Helping and Support “The Sufi Healing Project” through Uns Foundation and take the barakah of this site and all the people who read its duas too through Sadaqah Jariyah.

Giving a small amount of sadaqah monthly is continuous giving which is most beloved deed before Allah. Everyday 70 problems come our way and Sadaqah is a shield to protect yourself and your family. The most beloved deed before Allah is that which is continuous, even if it is little. The constant giving of a little is said to please Allah more than the occasional gift of a lot. So if it’s in your means to donate a small amount of £1-£3 or more a month and Support “The Sufi Healing Project” through Uns Foundation.
Know about the shield of giving: "Give Sadaqah without delay, for it stands in the way of problems/calamities."(Tirmidhi) it says 70 problems that is one is shielded from 70 problems with just a small amount of sadaqah.
Saqaqah washes your sins away: "Sadaqah extinguishes sin as water extinguishes fire." (Tirmidhi) "Sadaqah appeases-(To satisfy or relieve) the Lord’s anger and averts an evil death." (Tirmidhi)
The Shade of Sadaqah: “The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his Sadaqah.” (Tirmidhi)  "The generous man is near Allah, near paradise, near men and far from hell, but the miserly man is far from Allah, far from paradise, far from men and near hell. Indeed, an ignorant man who is generous is dearer to Allah than a worshipper who is miserly."(Tirmidhi)

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Uns Foundation UK- Uns means-'Spiritual Love'
and its through Spiritual Love we are helping to heal broken souls and hearts

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