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Sciatica pain, inflammation pain and general nerve pain

Sciatica pain, inflammation pain and general nerve pain
such as Migraine or body nerve pains

Vitamin B complex, Oats this can be as porridge, herb called Jamaican Dogwood. Which can be bought via amazon. Also as for asian foods to take a teaspoon of Turmeric-(haldi) and Ginger is known to relieve pain this can be fixed with other herbs for taste.

Also to take Chlorella which is a micro-Algae that contains more chlorophyll then any other foods. It has the highest source of protein, beta-carotene and nucleic acids of any animal or plant food.

Nucleic Acid is responsible for directing cellular renewal, growth, repair. Insufficient nucleic acid causes premature aging. Thus Cholrella is very good for old, healing, degeneration diseases, sciatica and other nerve disorders and for staying young too.

Also: Teasel root - Back Pain damaged tissues such as bones and ligaments

Teasel root has been used to treat torn connective tissues, and may be among the best remedies for torn muscles. Tonify liver and kidney, strengthen sinews and bones . It possesses an anti-inflammatory action on virtually all joint tissues, usefulness in treating narrowing of the vertebral discs. Dose of tincture: 5-15 drops.

Teasel root can be used internally or externally. Internally, teasel root treats pain and weakness in the knees and lower back, helps repair damaged tissues such as bones and ligaments, and externally, it can be combined into a poultice with Drynaria (basket ferns) and dragon’s blood (a bright red resin of several plant genera) to reduce swelling and relieve pain.

Stops uterine bleeding, calms the fetus - bleeding during pregnancy, threatened miscarriage. Promote blood circulation, alleviate pain, generate flesh - traumatic injuries in the lower back and legs, external conditions such as sores.

Generally, the recommended dose of teasel root is between 6 and 21 grams of teasel root per day. Some herbalists recommend a slightly higher minimum dose of 10 grams per day. Teasel root is available in powder, capsule and pill form.

Horsetail - Herb
Horsetail is probably one of the best remedies to help heal broken bones and, particularly, torn cartilage, tendons and ligaments. The tincture in 5-15 drop doses works quite well, as does the tea.

Comfrey - Herb

Comfrey possesses a remarkable ability to facilitate rapid healing of virtually all tissues, and has been known and revered for long ages for this ability. It will heal broken skin, broken bones, torn muscles, tendons or ligaments, and just about anything else with great speed. Recently, though, the presence of potentially liver toxic pyrolizidine alkaloids in Comfrey have prompted some people to avoid its use. While there is not a lot of clear cut evidence that liver failure or other harm is directly associated with the use of Comfrey, very good herbalists have opinions on both sides of the debate.

I urge you, if you choose to use Comfrey, to look at the points presented on either side and make your own educated decision. For my part, I do not think that, taken in small doses and in limited duration, the use of Comfrey in healing injuries poses more risk than the benefits it offers. One thing I would say, though, is that the quick pace at which Comfrey heals may cause problems; for instance, healing bones together before they are well aligned (in this case I’d mix it with Mullein). Some herbalists have also voiced suspicions that Comfrey may in some cases produce calcifications around a fracture it’s healing. I have not seen this, but offer it as a consideration.

Solomon’s seal - Herb
Solomon’s Seal is very effective at both healing broken bones (I sometimes call it “bone glue”) and addressing injuries to tendons and ligaments. It has a unique ability to adjust the tension of tendons, helping relax them if they’re to tight, and tighten them if they’ve been stretched out. It will also heal tears, and for this would combine well with Comfrey, Teasel and/or Horsetail.

Teasel - Herb: Honoring the Bones of Our Ancestors
Japanese Teasel root is considered a tonic for the Kidney Yang, according to its uses in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In TCM, the Kidneys -and therefore the whole body- would ideally have a perfect balance of Yin and Yang energies.

The Kidneys represent not simply the two blood cleansing and urine filtering organs we know them as in an allopathic framework. According to TCM the kidneys rule the bones, teeth, lower back, knees, as well as the brain, spinal cord and regulate growth and maturation. The Kidneys are considered to be the very foundation from which we grow and thrive, the true Essence of our Being, “The Root of Life.” We are born with this precious Essence -called Jing - that we inherit from our parents (ultimately all of our ancestors) and it is stored energetically within the Kidneys.

On a daily basis we utilize our Qi energy that we receive through a nourishing diet, clean water, positive fulfilling relationships, good breathing/movement practices and plenty of quality rest. We use our Jing to fill in the gaps when we can’t rely upon our steady income of Qi and we may never be aware that we are using it. The Jing is like that; if an individual “lives it up” with excessive drinking, drugs, late nights and sexual encounters, Jing gets spent. When a person has extreme stress, frayed nerves, repressed or excessive emotions and ceases to take proper care of themselves, Jing gets spent. If someone has had chronic or repeated illnesses, numerous injuries, multiple births or miscarriages, Jing gets spent.

Signs of aging like thinning bones, grey hair, diminished hearing, decreased metal acuity and lowered stamina are indicative of lowered Kidney energies.

Traditional Chinese Medicine-TCM tells us that Jing can never be replenished, once it’s gone, it’s gone.***

Teasel - Herb: Honoring the Bones of Our Ancestors
However, Kidney Jing can be conserved and “astringed” with herbs, lifestyle and various spiritual practices; also by tonifying the Yin and Yang aspects of Kidney energy, we can “endow interest to the Kidney Jing account.” Herbal tonics that specifically balance the combination of Yin and Yang herbs to an individual’s constitution can help to promote more graceful aging and an overall healthier state of being.

Japanese Teasel root (Dipsacus asperi seu japonicus) fortifies the lower back, knees and bones. It has a positive effect on the sinews and joints as well and is used for pain and stiffness from decreased Kidney energy or from traumatic injury. It is also used to promote the movement of blood and to repair damaged tissues, so it makes sense that Teasel’s Pinyin name in is Xu Duan, meaning “restore what is broken.”

For arthritic conditions, repetitive strain, pain, weakness or traumatic injury, the root of Dipsacus japonicus can be taken internally as a tincture or decoction, applied topically in a salve or liniment, or one could address all aspects of the disharmony and choose internal and external treatment simultaneously. Japanese Teasel actually has a regulating effect on the blood, it is able to not only promote circulation when it comes to trauma, but it will also help with threatened miscarriage by stopping uterine bleeding and calming a restless fetus. When used for disorders of the uterus during pregnancy, it is often combined with Mugwort (Artemesia argyi) and Greater Burnet (Sanguisorba) for uterine bleeding, or paired with gelatin to assist the mother when she has been unable to carry a child to term.

This species of Teasel (D. sylvestris) found in North America has recently gained a groundswell of interest in the treatment of Lyme Disease because of a fantastic tome, The Book of Herbal Wisdom by herbalist Matthew Wood who pioneered the use of domestic teasel for Lyme. In practice, he discovered that a very small dosage of tincture -only about 3 drops taken 2-3 times daily- brought dramatic improvements to the joint aches and cognitive dysfunction that Lyme disease can bring about. Teasel can be taken at this low dose safely for long periods of time.

 Teasel - Herb: Honoring the Bones of Our Ancestors

According to, Teasel has a unique ability to get the spirochetes where they “hide out” in the joints and drive them into the blood stream, where other medicines (be they herbal or pharmaceutical) can then eradicate them. It is not uncommon to have a Herxheimer reaction when taking Teasel or any effective remedy for Lyme disease. A flaring up of symptoms due to the “die-off” of spirochetes leads to substantial levels of toxins in the blood, however this is actually considered a good sign. It is important to expedite this process by encouraging detoxification and immune strengthening with many available herbal preparations.

In his book, Wood shares the fantastic success of several case studies he gathered in his clinical practice using Teasel for Lyme. His balanced approach to healing is both spiritual and methodical, a necessary combination. When I contacted Matthew Wood for permission to cite his work, he was insistent that I give proper credit to his friend and adviser, William LeSassier, the late Chinese Herbalist from New York City. It was LeSassier, Wood says, who had first suggested the use of D. sylvestris, our domestic relative of the Japanese Teasel that has been used in the Chinese herbal pharmacopoeia for hundreds of years.

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