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Suhba-Companionship therapy is sunnah

4. The Suhba-Companionship therapy

Suhba-Companionship healing therapy is sunnah

The term Sahabah meaning "the companions", from the verb meaning "accompany", "keep company with", "associate with" we as muslims refer this term to the companions of the the Prophet be upon him. 

Yet this is missing and most important sunnah that is Companionship, doesn't seem to be addressed by many scholars as they talk about it as "they" were in the past "Companionships" as if we wont benefit from having our own companions today to help us in times of need. Its known about the sunnah to eating together, as eating alone one is eating Shaytan, travelling together, as travelling alone you travelling with shaytan, and blessings of praying salah together and generally being together this can only happen if you have Companionship.

The main missing ingredient today that has made many ill and given them depression, lost hope is the loss of
companionship as spirtually they can help them by uplifting their hearts just in there mere presences which will be discussed in the section about entrainment, but first we will mention some says of great Sufi healing masters about companionship and some hadith reference that need to disgested and thought about.
Main Principle of Naqshbandi way from Shah Naqshband is Suhba-

The key word is  Principle meaning the "fundamental truth that serves as the foundation for a system belief or behaviour".  So the main  Principle  of the tariqah is found in Suhba this can be futher be best explained by Shaykh Shah Naqshband who emphasized  Suhba Companionship with his words: Tariqatuna as-suhbat wa-l-khairu fil-jam`iyyat (“Our Way is Companionship, and Goodness is in the Gathering”).

From the Qasida "Adab al-Tariq" by Shaykh Abu Madyan al-Ghauth taken from book “The way of Abu Madyan” Translated by Vincent J. Cornell;  the first two lines of the poem explains what it is to be with the good companionship and company.

What delight is there in life other than the companionship of the fuqara?
They are the sultans, lords, and princes.

So befriend them and learn the ways of their assemblies,
And keep your obligations, even if they ignore you.

Profit from (your) time and participate always with them,
And know that (Divine) satisfaction distinguishes one who is present.
Suhba-Companionship will make you or break you.“Suhba is of the utmost importance. If you sleep with the dogs, don't be surprised if you rise with the fleas,” a respected scholar advises. What does it mean “When you sit with people of the dunya, you become a drop in their ocean, but when you sit with people of the akhira, the dunya becomes a drop in your ocean.”

“On the Day of Judgment, you'll be standing with the ones you loved most in the dunya,” reminds another well-loved scholar, “so choose your friends wisely.”

Allah has commanded the Muslims to love one another, to take one another as friends, and to extend the utmost compassion and help to one another. Quran  says: "And hold fast by the covenant of Allah all together and be not disunited, and remember the favor of Allah on you when you were enemies, then He united your hearts so by His favor you became brethren; and you were on the brink of a pit of fire, then He saved you from it, thus does Allah make clear to you His communications that you may follow the right way."
Abu Hurayrah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “On the day of resurrection, Allah, the Exalted, will say, ‘Where are those who have mutual love for the sake of My Glory? Today I shall shelter them in My shade when there will be no shade except Mine.” [Reported by Muslim]

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “By Him in Whose hand is my soul! You will not enter paradise until you believe, and you will not believe until you love one another. May I inform you of something, if you do it, you will love each other: Promote greetings amongst you (by saying as-salamu `alaykum to one another).” [Reported by Muslim]

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “A man set out to visit a brother (in faith) in another town and Allah sent an angel on his way. When the man met the angel, the latter asked him, ‘Where do you intend to go?’ He said, ‘I intend to visit my brother in this town.’ The angel said, ‘Have you done any favor to him?’ He said, ‘No, I have no desire except to visit him because I love him for the sake of Allah, the Exalted, and Glorious.’ Thereupon the angel said, ‘I am a messenger to you from Allah (to inform you) that Allah loves you as you love him (for His sake).” [Reported by Muslim]

This is Platonic love for the sake of Allah, friendship, is crucial to maintaining one’s iman (faith) in these trying times. Our choice of suhba-companionship will determine whether we steadily increase in our iman or decrease. If our friends and companions are knowledgeable Muslims of strong faith, or even older and wiser Muslims, there is no doubt that we will benefit immensely. Of course the opposite is true also, such that if our companions are of weak faith and practice, then our iman will automatically lower to their level.

The secret of Suhba-Companionship is Entrainment

There’s a phenomena in physics called entrainment. A man put a bunch of grandfather clocks (a grandfather clock has a pendulum which is normally a thin brass rod)  into a room and he set them at different times so they were all swinging at different pattrens  he left the room and later he came back, he found them all  swinging in sync. The man discovered that this is because the biggest clock, the biggest pendulum pulled the others with its force, so the others synchronized with that force because of the strength of that force.
This  phenomena  is also true with humans when they enter into a room soon there hearts  their hearts entrain. This is a physical phenomena, they’ve done it with electrocardio things. With a group of women living together, the strongest women will make all other women living in that house to have theirs at the same time as the strongest one they all will sync soon with her period time. People walking together entrain naturally. People’s breathing entrains.  When a musician has the audience spellbound, he or she has entrained them into the rhythm. When you meditate in a group, you feel the increased “strength” of the experience.

Your body contains an autonomic mechanism that synchs you up with strong, external rhythms, pulses or beats, a phenomenon known as entrainment. Actually we entrain to the rhythms around us all the time, although we are not aware of it most of the time.

In fact, our internal rhythms will speed up or slow down to match a stronger external rhythm. Here’s proof: Try counting your heart beat or breathing rate when you’re stuck in traffic, around noisy machinery, or listening to loud rock music. Then count your heart rate or breathing rate when you’re sitting quietly on a beach or listening to peaceful music in a quiet surrounding.

When you entrain with the most powerful heart, and there are two hearts that are powerful, the hearts of the awliya’-Saints and the hearts of the shayaten-devil, white hearts and black hearts metaphorically speaking. So these hearts pull others into their force.

Look at Hitler, Fir`aun, Abu Jahl (when someone almost became Muslim, he pulled him back in) – these are the heads of kufr. Shaytan has awliya’. There are awliya’ ar-Rahman and awliya’ of Shaytan, but both heads are strong and they can pull people into their force. People get pulled between the two forces.

The sick heart wavers, and the most important thing for a sick heart is good company. Shaykh Abdullah ibn bayyah says, “The most corrupting influence on children is other children.” If you’re teaching children, and there’s one bad seed, but that child can pull people with him. The hearts will waver between one or the other.

If you don’t have a living person to be in their company, then find out about the righteous people of your area and read their history. For example, if you live in Fez, read the stories of these people. If you read about them and visit the places they went, there’s a benefit in that.

We should all help each other continually. being together in a group in Suhba of 2 or 3 this makes it harder for shaytan it says if you are alone Shaytan is the other meaning he can easy seduce you with whisper-waswas. As Shaykh Hamza Yusuf said, the heart entrains with what is around it. Whether this be pious believers, the TV screen, sinful people, etc. The stronger the heart, the weaker Shaytan's whispers.

Our hearts can entrain with each other and amplify our goodness and drown out the bad or negative energy which is also a means to healing for some. Remember that if we truly love one another and love all of humanity much good can happen. Islam spreads through the hearts, and is a message to the heart. Through a bigger heart and through loving one another the message of Islam will spread.

And even sickeness can be cured for those hearts that find pain and loneliness or depression through the healing energy of entrainment we can energies our hearts that are weak by keeping company for the sake of love will our hearts be entrained with one  another we can change our own selves.

Just look at a tasbih-praying beads its only useful and has value when its together on a string and without the other beads its just a
lonely bead. This is the value of suhba-companionship we are like pray beads, if we are together being held with the string of love that joins us we became strong and have value.

Through the love and care of powerful hearts that have a higher rhythm of frequency (due to their light of dhikr-remembrance, khidma-service, love, kindness that comes from them) can we cure broken hearts and find cures through the combined power of energiesd hearts can sick or pained hearts be entrained and uplifted to a higher level of  being which will cause a spiritual phenomena of healing, but this can only happen through Suhba-Companionship,Suhba-Companionship,Suhba-Companionship.

Giving Sadaqah will help with Duas being answered, Sins be erased and sicknesses are sometimes due to sins; Showing gratitude is sunnah and Allah loves those slaves who shows gratitude; gratitude earns more (ziyada) favours from Allah, Allah promises increased favours for those who are grateful and (hates misers see hadith below) "And when your Lord proclaimed: "If you are thankful, I will give you more"(14:7) and "We shall reward those who are thankful" (3:45)  Allah informs us that one of Satans primary objectives is to prevent humans from being grateful. So show you  support be Thankful for these Duas and Khidma and take more rewards from Allah by Helping and Support “The Sufi Healing Project” through Uns Foundation and take the barakah of this site and all the people who read its duas too through Sadaqah Jariyah.

Giving a small amount of sadaqah monthly is continuous giving which is most beloved deed before Allah. Everyday 70 problems come our way and Sadaqah is a shield to protect yourself and your family. The most beloved deed before Allah is that which is continuous, even if it is little. The constant giving of a little is said to please Allah more than the occasional gift of a lot. So if it’s in your means to donate a small amount of £2-£3 or more a month and Support “The Sufi Healing Project” through Uns Foundation.
Know about the shield of giving: "Give Sadaqah without delay, for it stands in the way of problems/calamities."(Tirmidhi) it says 70 problems that is one is shielded from 70 problems with just a small amount of sadaqah.
Saqaqah washes your sins away: "Sadaqah extinguishes sin as water extinguishes fire." (Tirmidhi) "Sadaqah appeases-(To satisfy or relieve) the Lord’s anger and averts an evil death." (Tirmidhi)
The Shade of Sadaqah: “The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his Sadaqah.” (Tirmidhi)  "The generous man is near Allah, near paradise, near men and far from hell, but the miserly man is far from Allah, far from paradise, far from men and near hell. Indeed, an ignorant man who is generous is dearer to Allah than a worshipper who is miserly."(Tirmidhi)

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