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17 benefits of tribulations (incl, notes and Vid) – by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

Contains the 17 benefits of tribulations also the notes and the full lecture CD of
17 benefits of tribulations and some extra notes about tribulations.

“17 Benefits of Tribulation” is a remarkable talk given by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf many years ago, based on the treatise of the seventh century scholar Al-`Izz Ibn `Abdus-Salam – Sultan of the `Ulama’ (may Allah be pleased with him).

This must be one of the talks I actually listen to quite often, especially when I’m feeling down. All of Shaykh Hamza’s talks leave a strong impact on one’s heart; however after listening to this specific talk, it leaves the person with a deeper sense of inspiration and himmah to snap out of the “feeling low” state and to invigorate the high aspirations one has set themselves.

One of the profound analogies Shaykh Hamza makes in the talk, and which I love is:

we/you are all in the ocean of this duniya; if you panic or have anxiety about things or situations, you will drown. Just RELAX, and you will float because you are in good hands!…. [Paraphrased]

Shaykh Hamza focuses on the hardships the Prophet sallaAllahu ‘alayhi wasalam went through but never allowed any of those afflictions to perturb him. After listening to this lecture, I can say for sure that one will have a different attitude and outlook on calamities and hardships; and it will heal the broken or agitated heart no doubt.

The 17 Benefits of Tribulation are listed below

  1. You realize the power of Lordship over you.
  1. You realize your object servanthood and your complete state of resignation and brokenness before the will and power of God.
  1. Sincerity to God; one has no place of return in putting off or defending against the calamity except to Him.  It makes you sincere because the muhsin is the one who call on God without any shirk. A moment of ikhlas in this world is enough to save a person.
  1. He returns to God and suddenly is fervent in his desire of his Lord.
  1. It leads to a humbled state before God and it leads to prayers (du’a) that you call on God.
  1. You’re forbearing towards the One who has afflicted you.
  1. You forgive the one who has wronged you.
  1. To be patient during the tribulation.
  1. To be happy about what’s happening because of those benefits.
  1. To be grateful for it.
  1. Purification that these calamities have towards peoples’ wrongs and sins.
  1. Compassion that God enables you to show to people who are in tribulation and to help them.
  1. Tribulation gives you the blessing of having true knowledge of the extent of well-being.
  1. God has prepared rewards for the calamities that you’ve beared patiently or with contentment.
  1. What is hidden inside the folds of these calamities are blessings.
  1. Tribulations prevent you from arrogance.
  1. Contentment.  Tribulation afflicts the good and the evil (people), whoever doesn’t like it, it’s on Him, he’s lost the dunya and the akhira.  Those who are pleased with it, it’s because he knows it, because paradise is better than anything in this world and if these tribulations are what it takes for him to get to paradise, then he’s content with it.
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Hamza Yusuf - The Book Of Calamities, Benefits Of Tribulations And Tests    1hr.17mins
Transcript for 17 Benefits of Tribulation Transcript Text of CD


The Seventeen Benefits of Tribulation
  • Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon) never let tribulations get to him.
  • When Abu Bakr (RA) and the Prophet (peace be upon) were in the cave, Abu Bakr was worried while the Prophet (saw) remained unperturbed.
  • In battles, people used to stand behind the Prophet (peace be upon)
  • If you are easily perturbed, you are disconnected from Allah
  • Being easily perturbed=weak iman (uh-oh)
  • Ex: people can’t listen to each other because they are easily perturbed.
  • Words can illicit perturbed responses, so words have meaning.
  • Difference between a person who trust Allah and who doesn’t is that ability not to be perturbed.
  • If you don’t believe in God, you see the world as godless. If you believe in God, you see the world filled with signs of God.
  • Never think something is evil because you don’t know (unless it is shariah outlined, but if it is from God, you don’t know.)
  • Bismillah has bakarah and without saying it, the thing is cut off from barakah
  • Different benfits in tribulations to different people.
  • God his three things in three things:
    • Hid His contentment in His obedience: don’t know what Allah will accept from you.
    • Hid His wrath in disobedience: Don’t know what Allah will punish you for.
    • He hid His awliyah amongst His servants–can even be a NON MUSLIM. (I repeat, NON MUSLIM)
  • Tribulations can remove wrongs
    • Imam Al Ghazali said some wrongs can only be removed by depression
    • People get depressed by their souls–can’t remove the anguish in their souls so they try to numb it. (SO TRUE)
      • Existence is painful if you are not fulfilling yoru function. Like body parts.
      • Signs of pain is a gift so you know to get medicine or turn to Allah
        • Kufr is covering up, instead of turning to Allah
  • Tribulations can elevate rank
    • Prophets get it
    • Ibn Abbas:  No tribulation doesn’t have a tribulationthat is worse than it.
  • So sincere tauba to forgive sins–don’t ask to get them purified, ask for forgiveness.
  • What you see in this world is a metaphor for the unseen world. (Love the analogy)
  • People can have spiritual states with Allah when they cannot experience pain.
1. Realize the power of Lordship (Allah) over you
  • Allah is the Lord over you.
  • Remind you that there are things you cannot control
  • Illusion of reality is that we are independent and can do whatever we want
  • Calamities come and we are snapped of that illusion
  • Story of Musa (as) and Khidr is really the story that solves the problem of evil.
  • Difference between a believer and a non believer: believer knows life makes sense and wait until the Day of Judgment to have it explained. We trust Allah.
  • Pre-judge=prejudice. Can’t pre-judge God. We have a small amount of knowledge of Him
  • Someone asked Imam Al Ghazali where is God? He responded that if you don’t know the function of your body (or where you are in the universe) how can you know where God is?
  • Problem of people who are deluded is that they do not know that they are deluded.
2. Realize your servitude and your brokenness before the will and power of God.
3. Sincerity to Allah because one has no place of return in putting off or defending against the calamities, except Him. Makes you sincere when you call on Him.
  • So you can call on God without shirk.
  • Only source from calamity is Allah.
4. He returned to Allah and is suddenly fervent in desire of Allah
  • When calamities hits, person calls on Allah, returning back to Him.
5. That it leads to a humbled state before God and leads to prayers that you call on God.
  • Allah afflicts who He loves just so He can hear them call onto Him
  • Life is like getting your tooth pulled out or in that temporary moment of panic. Compare 80 years to infinity. It is practically nothing.
  • Relax the mind and be content in affliction
6. That you are forbearing toward the One who has afflicted you.
  • Forbearance in calamities is the best type of forbearance.
7. That you can actually forgive the one who has wronged you.
  • Allah loves who pardons others
  • Grudge makes it harder for forgiveness
  • Allah is with the patient one.
  • Bearnig something and being patient are two different things
  • Being patient brings Allah’s love.
8. To be patient during the tribulation
9. To actually happy of what is happening because of those benefits.
10. To be grateful for it.
  • Because of a sickness, you are grateful for the cure.
11. The purification that these calamities have towards peoples’ wrongs and their sins.
  • This is a lot better than what we really deserve.
12. The compassion that Allah enables you to show to people that care in tribulation and to help them.
  • If you don’t help people in their problems (being appropriate to help them) then Allah will give you their problems.
  • Two types of people: People of well being and tribulation
  • Those in well being should be grateful and those in tribulation, show compassion to them.
13. Tribulation gives you the blessing of having true knowledge of the extent of well being.
14. Allah has prepared from the blessing of the Akhirah, based on ranks. God rewards for calamities you bear patiently or with contentment.
  • Content vs. patient and tauba.
15. What is hidden inside the folds of these calamities are blessings.
  • That can be goodness/benefits in a problem
16. Tribulations prevent you from arrogance, pride, evil, tyranny, etc.
  • If you have problems, you won’t harm others.
17. Contentment.
  • Because tribulations hit both good and evil. Who ever doesn’t like it, it is by Allah.
  • Tribulations can take you to paradise.
  • Read history–there have been worse times.
  • Calamity of our age is spiritual calamity (lack of religion and spirituality)
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  Below -Embedded  40 Prophetic narrations of tribulation


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