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Preventing Migraine Headaches with herbal cure

Preventing Migraine Headaches with herbal cure and other information
Preventing Migraine Headaches with herbal cure using Feverfew/Butterbur herbals or tablets but this may cause side effects and thus Passion Flower is for tension or stress and Meadowsweet for Vomiting and nausea and is a natural pain reliever.

These are notes I’ve collated as a dear friend, suffers very badly from migraines with vomiting  attacks for over 10 years and nothing seems to be working and now has come me.  At the time I was going to give him a session of ‘Quantum touch –Energy Healing’ but had a mild cold at the time so I couldn’t perform Quantum touch on him as its energy based and i needed to be in full energy to help to heal him. I decide a herbal approach as he had travelled a long distance to visit me, and would give a session of Quantum touch later on the next visit. However I did teach a simple Acupressure Technique to him which if you massage will help with migraine attacks also Acupressure points are used in Emotional Freedom Technique-(EFT) to help with releasing Emotional and physical healing of pain and trauma through the meridian points.

(For emotional healing from trauma or any painful event in your life please contact me)

My friend made enquires the following day from a herbalist to check the rate they charge this includes all sessions and consultations and herbs, the cost was over £300 in total so bear this cost in mind when reading this;

To Start now:
I’ve given some of the side effects of these Herbs they can be bought also as capsules and drops too, they don’t always work for everyone, they may work better for some and not others but that is true with normal medicine too. Also these herbs  have short term usage and need to be used for only limited time then stop for about 30 days or more and then the course may start again, Also diet is a major factor and so is stress too.

People will react to herbs in different ways and this is also true with normal medicine also people shouldn't mixing medicines up such as medicine and herbal remedies as they can cancel each other out or cause other sicknesses If people have issues or concerns they did to contact their Doctor before taking herbal medicines with medication.!But generally DONT DO mix or take herbal with normal medicines.

Please note: the side effects and this should be taken for only 4 months and then stopped for a month or so and then retaken if need

Important note! Asthma suffers: Meadowsweet can cause lung spasms, so there is a concern that it might make asthma worse. and thus there are other herbs if u get Vomiting some for it just enough to just use Feverfew / Butterbur tablets but I’ve found all from my research that Feverfew /Butterbur with Passion Flower and meadowsweet will help a lot again they have time durations and quantity limited too if ignored will cause danger but that’s like anything.

Passionflower not to be used with antidepressant drugs
Meadowsweet - Asthma suffers: Meadowsweet can cause lung spasms  

B Vitamins are also beneficial for warding off migraines. In particular, vitamins B2, B3 and B6 help prevent vasoconstriction (narrowing of the arteries) and also inhibit blood platelet clumping which can occur during an attack (Cephalalgia 1994,14(5):328-329). To benefit take a vitamin B complex supplement once a day.

Magnesium Migraines have been linked to a deficiency in this mineral. Magnesium is important because it takes part in the transmission of chemical messages from the brain to the arteries and helps control the degree of arterial dilatation (widening). Several hospitals in Canada and Germany now use magnesium supplements as a standard treatment for migraines, although it is also effective as a preventative. The dose is 200mg of magnesium citrate capsules taken twice a day.

Excessive caffeine consumption or withdrawal from caffeine can cause headaches when the caffeine level abruptly drops. The blood vessels seem to become sensitized to caffeine, and when caffeine is not ingested, a headache may occur. Caffeine itself is often helpful in treating acute migraine attacks.

Menstrual migraines
For some women, the decline in the blood level of estrogens during the onset of menstruation is a trigger for migraine headaches (sometimes referred to as menstrual migraines)

Now Foods Butterbur with feverfew (60 Vegetarian Capsules)

Note: Butterbur with feverfew Capsules are enough but if you get Side effects like tightening of Muscles or Vomiting, then one may try using Passion Flower and Meadowsweet
Passion Flower - stress relief
Meadowsweet - for Vomiting

Note Important:
Passion Flower - not to be used with antidepressant drugs
Meadowsweet - might make Asthma worse and is similar to aspirin meaning thins bloods

Foods that help to fight migraine

Magnesium is a key component of chlorophyll, the pigment of plants. Migraine treatments would therefore include dark green vegetables (like spinach, broccoli) in the diet -- since all are good sources of magnesium. Also recommended: most nuts (almonds, peanuts, cashews), whole grains, seeds (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds) and fruits like avocados, bananas, raisins.

Migraines with these 5 Magnesium-Rich Foods

Note 'Passion Flower' is for stress relieve which migraine is a trigger for also 'Jamaican Dogwood' can be used instead of 'Passion Flower' as 'Jamaican Dogwood' is considered a relatively powerful remedy for  treating nerve pain, migraine, insomnia, anxiety, fear, and nervous tension. More recent scientific studies have also shown that bark extracts of this plant have anti-inflammatory, sedative, and anti-spasmodic (helps relieve smooth muscle spasms along the digestive tract) effects in animals.

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